Nori The First

Today I drew an original character for a story idea. Here’s how that went.

I used Adobe Sparks to create this, the actual character was created in paint tool sai. Also, the red text is from H.P Lovecraft. I really like making character art, maybe one day I’ll have a job doing it.



3 thoughts on “Nori The First

    1. Thanks. The writing is from H.P Lovecraft. I read a part from his stories and decided to split a paragraph and twist it so it was inspirational and positive. However, that’s what the characters want to see. The words on the right is the reality they choose to ignore. I have a little bit of a backstory for this character, but I’m still working it out.

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      1. That’s a really interesting thing you did there! If you get to post the story somewhere on the web, let me know! I’d love to check it out~ 😀


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