Arden in Pink

Another character project. Again the quotes do not belong to me. I was trying to create a separate narrative for a character by using quotes from similar archetypes, as well as foreshadowing. The characters quotes I chose come from the following resources.

Emma- Jane Austin

Pride and Predigest- Jane Austin

To Kill a Mocking Bird- Harper Lee

Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children, Crisis Core

The Little Princess – Frances Hodgson Burnett


The character design itself is inspired by Aeris/ Aerith (Final Fantasy VII) with the color scheme. I do like using quotes to tell an original characters story. Taking a sentence and pairing it with another to change the narrative is like a puzzle. In truth, all creations have inspiration. What’s Arden’s story? It’s there between the lines.

Read the white quote on the left, then the white quote on the right. Then go back to the left side and read the maroon text.

I’m working on outlining the story, these drawing help me figure out the characters I’m working with.


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