So it’s been awhile, but I did create a new character. Here’s how that went.



Quotes are from the following:

Captain America

Harry Potter

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Way of the Shadows

A Brave New World

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Star Wars

The Hobbit


This is Griffyn, or Griff for short. Although the first part of the story isn’t from his perspective, he plays a big role in the story.

I’ve been working in scrivener a lot recently. So far I got a list of the characters names and a brief and rough summary.

“Nori and Gi-Gi just wanted to hack their schools grading system so they could evade summer school. Luckily, the admin in the exclusive chat room called The Ring, is willing to help them out if they completed a quest. They fulfilled this quest easily, but this meant they caused a giant tare to another dimension. Thousands of kids across the galaxy fall into a coma with their minds trapped in The Wake, a place of glassy seas and jellyfish clouds. For once being a half human has given Nori the ability to leave and enter The Wake as she pleases. Will she help the others escape The Wake, or will she stay in this eerie Paradise?”

I’m going to have to draw Gi-Gi soon, but there are a few other characters I need first. I might take a break from drawing though and actually get to some writing. This week has been rather awful from a personal stance, but from a creative point of view it was awesome! So you lose some, you win big I guess?

It was like the puzzle pieces all of a sudden made since and came together for me. Not every question has been answered, but I have enough to start the story.





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