30,000 Words Typed

Yesterday was the last day of my 1000 word challenge. Here’s how that went.

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WROTE 30000 WORDS THIS MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a lot done, but I’m fighting the urge to go back and re-edit everything.  Let me be honest for a second. All I can do is keep moving forward. Well this is sad and a bit too personal, so I’m moving on to the good parts of life.

The Wake’s first draft is coming along. Is it good, nope. That’s kinda the point of a first draft. I told myself I would write everything out of my brain. Once the good, the bad, and the cheesy are all laid out before me I will pick all the good parts out of my brain vomit. I realize that’s not a pretty picture. Any who if anyone has made it this far, might as well leave a little excerpt.


  1. I know there are grammatical, spelling, and sentence structure errors. I tried to edit a little, but I have to do some HTML homework so if I missed some I apologize. 2017 will be the year of the mass edits. Advice and suggestions are still welcome though. ❤
  2. This takes place on an alien planet. The locals are called ashlings. So if you see that word being flung around a lot, that’s what that is.

Okay, I’m done. Enjoy reading.


The Wake First Draft Excerpt

The air was cooler from being so high up and from the sun slipping past the horizon line. I felt goosebumps rise on the back of my neck. Plush lounge chairs were set around the terrace so students could look up at the stars or read in the sunlight. I glanced up at the sky and started unzipping my camera case.

“Nori, the sky will be here tomorrow,” Gigi was already climbing over the terrace wall, “We don’t have time for a photo shot.”

She was right. The sky would be here tomorrow, no matter how those stars shimmered at me I would resist! I stomped over to the wall and pulled myself up over it. I had heard the soft thud of bass in the distance before I was over the wall, but when my feet hit the slick crystal I could just about name the song that was playing.   

 The light from the bonfire could already be seen bouncing off of the crystal stone. As we passed through the narrow pathways we began to see more ashlings walking around with cups of soda, and the scent of fried kelp sticks drifted through the air.

The bonfire itself was surrounded by ship wreck parts that had been moved so it looked like a stadium. A really unstable looking stadium, but hey they were all telepaths. There was even a stage set up where drums and string instruments appeared to be playing on their own, but in reality there were being controlled by a couple of teenagers just off stage.

Gigi and I snaked through the crowd and towards The Kaiju, which currently had a large white canvas hanging from it by some rope. Somewhere behind us there was a projector rolling, because on the canvas showed the words Invasions starts at midnight.

Behind the canvas, the entry way into the ships interior was rigid edge gash in one of the boosters. It was a little unnerving walking straight into a giant booster that was once spouting out nuclear energy. I walked quickly to get the to the gash so I felt more at ease in the engine room.

I turned on my data keeper’s light on to break through the pitch black. I couldn’t say what any of the twisted gears before me were supposed to do. I just knew they were either stepping stones to get to the arcade, or they were something sharp and rusty with a mental “No touchy” sign on them. When we first broke into The Kaiju in early spring, it took us hours to find our way through tilted hallways, now it was just one hour and we were at the recreation area.

At one point, this was probably a large market place or mall. There were a bunch of tiny stores with clothing racks and broken mannequins to one’s with aisles of shelves and dusty glass door fridges. Down in the lower levels of the rec sector, past the large hallway of abandoned food stands was our destination. Kaiju Arcade. It didn’t look like much now, there was a fallen statue of and some sort of lizard monster that laid headless under the blue arches of the arcade’s entrance.

  Gigi raised her arm out to stop me, “Lemme raise this place from the dead real quick.”

“The honor is all yours,” I smirked. I watched her climb over the lizard monster and to the front desk of the arcade. We had to get our own generator to provide the power for this place. Gigi yanked down on the generators lever three times before the archways began to glow. Inside the rows of machines buzzed back to life illuminating the dark floors and walls of the arcade.


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